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fisherman in a bay near sidi ifni, morocco

his dream was becoming a teacher, he speaks english and spanish, also a bit of french. instead of moving to another city for his studies, far away from his old parents, he stayed in sidi ifni, a coastal town that belonged til 1969 to the spanish crown. he started to work as a fisherman, first on a big boat, then on his own. life had no easy solutions for him, even though he tried hard to find his luck. he gave everything but never reached the spanish islands. now, he’s fishing from the shore, he regularly wins prices in fishing competitions and he really does love the sea, the coast and the fish. to survive he additionally needs to work as a night watchman: the fishing industry diminished the fish population over the past years and prices are low.

if you pass by in sidi ifni, he would be very happy about a simple guitar.