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camera operator / kamerafrau: cHIka LuX movie on imdb tamer alawam started the movie in 2012, aiming to tell the syrian story: its beauty, its people, the reasons that lead to the revolution and the following destruction of a country, its people and its unique culture due to the brutality of the assad regime. after tamer

interview, camera and editing / interview, kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX an interview in two parts with the famous malas twins and nada from syria while they were in berlin for the film shooting of syria inside in the beginning of 2013. the interview was made for action syria - tamer alawam & friends e.v. ein

camera / kamera: cHIka LuX interview by tamer alawam interview on the syrian side of the border with turkey in august 2012: a syrian family escaped syria, only to be stopped by a group of turkish soldiers, who were beating, humiliating and even abusing the family father, recording and transmitting everything directly via mobile to their

camera and editing / kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX aleppo's everyday life in wartime, september 2012: war in aleppo is not only about fighting on the frontline, it means for most involved people managing their surviving, organising food, maintaining infrastructure, finding solutions and not loosing their courage and strength. kriegsalltag aleppos im september 2012: krieg in