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script, camera and editing: claudia ruffediting and postproduction: sandra dollosound editing: peter votava, azadeh zandieh color grading: colja krugmann nine short movies about the nutrition sensitive agriculture project by the giz in ethiopia, eight of them to promote the project via

camera and editing / kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX editing and postproduction / schnitt und postproduktion: sandra dollo sound editing: brandon spivey four short movies about efforts by the GIZ in afar, ethiopia, to diversify the livelihood of traditional pastoralists struggelinng with droughts

camera and editing / kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX since middle of september, an unofficial agreement between croatia and hungary allowed the two european countries to transfer refugees, arriving via the balkan route, directly to hegyeshalom, the border town with austria.

camera and editing / kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX sound: m bourel the footage of this short film was made in aleppo, syria, in september 2012. it took me till now, october 2015, to finally finish a picture of everyday life of

Passt man die Perspektive an, so scheint Melilla einfach ein europäisches Freiluftgefängnis auf afrikanischem Boden zu sein. Der Gedanke kam mir kurz vor Ankunft durch den Hinweis eines 60-jährigen Marokkaners, als er von der Fähre aus auf das alte Festungsgebäude

story telling and photography: cHIka LuX animation: sansculotte RUFFBOARDS is the first skateboard producer manufactoring together with former prisoners ecofriendly longboards using old snowboards. RUFFBOARDS ist der erste skateboard hersteller, der gemeinsam mit ex-häftlingen aus alten snowboards umweltfreundliche longboards zaubert. save a horse, ride

camera operator / kamerafrau: cHIka LuX movie on imdb tamer alawam started the movie in 2012, aiming to tell the syrian story: its beauty, its people, the reasons that lead to the revolution and the following destruction of a country, its people

interview, camera and editing / interview, kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX an interview in two parts with the famous malas twins and nada from syria while they were in berlin for the film shooting of syria inside in the beginning of

camera and editing / kamera und schnitt: cHIka LuX aleppo's everyday life in wartime, september 2012: war in aleppo is not only about fighting on the frontline, it means for most involved people managing their surviving, organising food, maintaining infrastructure, finding

director / regie: tamer alawam second camera / zweite kamera: cHIka LuX this very touching film, first published on arabic tv channels in august 2012, was presented as “23min smuggled from aleppo” at alexandria film festival. tamer alawam received a memorial price